Thanks to all the great people out there! 😘 😍

Thanks to all the great people out there! 😘 😍

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  1. Thanks to all the people that take time to save a turtle, God Bless you. There is no reason for people to run over turtles, it isn’t like they run out in the road like a deer, please be watchful of them. =)

  2. The guy rescue in the turtle took him the wrong way, you’re supposed to put them in the direction that they’re growing. So he was going to have to cross the road again. πŸ€¦πŸΌβ€β™€οΈ

  3. sweet, but when you rescue a turtle please leave them going in the direction it was headed. It had a reason for going that way …. maybe going back to family or going out to find food for family ….. I learned this on a field trip with granddaughter .. ,, years ago

  4. Sabian ustedes que cuando las tortugas se salen del agua. Y suben alo alto ay peligro de creciente pues yo si lose porque ami me toco ber muchas veces que ellas suvian ala montaΓ±a y era cuando crecia muchicimo el rio y tal bes ese animalito se esta escapando del peligro

  5. oh, does the cow with the tire on its head bring back memories! The stupid thing went in the middle of a pond and Phil had to go in after it to move her and I never laughed so hard in my life. Every time the cow ran, she sloshed water out of the tire. Oh dear.

  6. I only watched the first turtle thing so far and thought I should tell people that you should take the turtle in the direction they were going or facing or they will just try to cross again later.

  7. Glad most understand, though saving the turtle was great, do take them to the side they were heading not towards where they once came. Crossing for a reason, they lay their eggs or mate in a different pond where they live…

  8. I ran over a turtle once and it made the most horrific sound. Ì have always looked more carefully and had to shift one off the road and point it in the right direction. Boy did it smell disgusting.

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