Now is ferris wheels!

Will you try this? πŸŽ‘πŸ˜…

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  1. It’s a freaking ferris wheel people. The slowest and lamest of all rides. If this scares you then you have no buisness even being at an amusement park. You shouldn’t even leave your house. The world will end if you go outside

  2. Oh that’s nothing,y daughter dated me to go on a ride(can’t remember name of it) so I just took a toddler withe after that so he was in the soft play area where an ADULT had to be with the child it was Brilliant apart from when the older kids coming in having more fun
    In the soft play area eh girls xx

  3. Kristen Kemnitzer Sam Gilmore Jessica Hurtado Shappell Aldo Vazquez this reminds me of when we were on the ferris wheel at California Adventure and I was freaking out 🀣🀣🀣!

  4. There’s one like that but instead it’s called the cages and the top comes over but you swing back and fourth and my friend went on the cages and it ended up she wasn’t tall enough and ended up almost falling out but her dad was with her and caught her

  5. What’s So Scary About That is I grab that Center Post one day two at a fair and big ferris wheel and I would not let go of that Paul my brother was cracking up but I didn’t think it was funny so I know what that girl’s going through

  6. The ferris wheel at California Adventure gives you a choice…..stationary carts that just go around with the wheel….of carts that slide up and down a track attached to the wheel. I will NOT go on the latter.

  7. Omg this would be me. This is why I never go to amusement parks. I used to say I would look after coats and bags and younger children rather than go on the rides. Remember me on the pirate ship Dave Thompson….😣😣😣😣