Ebony dog escapes

It’s very smart, persistent… Just incredible! πŸ˜—πŸ•

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  1. that dog shouldnt be that thin that it can get through that gate in stead of filming help it and feed it so it can get through if its not yours then you should call animal cntroll becouse it is is negleted

  2. It really bothers me that this woman stood there filming this dog doing something so dangerous! One wrong move and he could have gotten badly hurt! Looks to me he was desperate to get away from her!

  3. This dog is incredible and very skillful. This isn’t her first rodeo. She knew exactly what she was doing and she had one place she wanted to go to, which was on that roof top. She had no fear and you can see she was thinking about every step she made. The dog isn’t too thin at all and there are no bones showing on it body. She is a perfect size. She was recording, because she was wondering how he kept getting up on the roof top. Now she knows. The gate is open, but she chooses to climb to the roof top. I would think she loves being on the roof top.

  4. the poor dog is under fed for starters, and instead of recording go help the poor fur baby, put mesh around the gate to prevent the dog from doing this, poor dog could have fallen broken a paw or anything bad, get a life, feed you dog better and prevent accidents that can happen !!!!!!

  5. I for some reason don’t think this is the first time this little escape artist has done this lol. The dog is not by any means abused or malnurised , there was no anger in her voice I found it to be cute other than I was afraid he would fall ( her recording it made me think it’s not his first time doing this ) she was right there with him

  6. The pooch wouldn’t do it by himself (willingly/naturally), which makes it animal abuse and a very, very unkind action from his owner. Dogs are not there for humans to put them through such a stressful situation. Just took at the poor animal’s face, he is not happy. There is enough save tricks that dogs can be taught. 😒😒😒😠

  7. Sehr lustig πŸ‘πŸ˜ 

    Man mΓΌsste sich eig. die frage stellen warum der hund das tut? Warum filmt man sowas und ergΓΆtzt sich noch daran???

    Ach ja…bestimmt weil dieser Hund der Auslauf fehlt, entdecken und erkunden mΓΆchte, es bestimmt nicht bekommt von diesen “nicht hundehaltern”πŸ‘ŠπŸ˜ 

    BeschΓ€mend kann ich nur sagen so etwas zu Filmen und dann es noch fΓΌr lustig zu befinden!!!

  8. The dog has been taught to do this, must be sore on legs and paws, at the end my thoughts were the dogs legs shaken trying to hold on. Its nice to teach dogs tricks but I think this is just a little dangerous and uncomfortable for the dog.

  9. Dog, you have got to be kidding ! What could he possibly want on the roof of a house? He must be terribly intelligent to figure out how to move his body so that every motion was accounted for and not to fall. I guarantee I could not do the same thing.

  10. Eh…..I’d hesitate approaching a dog I don’t know and trying to help in this case. Could get bit or the owner could film you β€œhelping” but take it the wrong way. If I saw you pulling my dog through a fence I would immediately assume you were stealing him. But let’s look at whats really concerning, the dog looks severely emaciated, probably trying to escape to find food or simply get away .

  11. Y que lo habΓ­a leΓ­do todo! Un grupo de genios comenta que el perro deberΓ­a estar mΓ‘s gordo para que no cupiera a travΓ©s de las rejas. Otros dicen que estΓ‘ tratando de huir de su dueΓ±a y se pudo haber caΓ­do y roto un hueso o haber muerto. Esa perra? Cada paso que da estΓ‘ estudiado con habilidad y no, no es la primera vez que lo hace. La pregunta del millΓ³n es: cΓ³mo se le ocurriΓ³ hacer eso la primera vez para subir a la azotea? Jajaja esa perra es un genio ademΓ‘s de una poderosa gimnasta!!!