Baby adorable reactions compilation πŸ’• πŸ€—

Baby adorable reactions compilation πŸ’• πŸ€—

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  1. I remember picking up a stuffie unicorn at Walmart, and before I put it back there was a little kid, so I used the hoof of the unicorn to wave at her, and her reaction was just amazing. you could almost hear her thinking “OMG, that unicorn waved at me!”

  2. To cute you want to hug them ad kiss them all the faces made me laugh so hard there beauitful babys all of them i rember my babys faces do you.!!!there one small one time injoy them now.they grow so fast .

  3. The trouble with them is that they develop a brain.At that point all is lost.People who do not have these darling creatures will not understand.But us old duffers are aware modern teens are hard work!!!

  4. There is nothing, ABSOLUTELY NOTHING, in the world that is better than giggling, surprised, adorable babies, or cute and heartwarming puppies, dogs, cazt, or any funny animal videos. I love these, and so much more enjoyable than negative, sad, and depressing videos involving politics or abuse of animals and humans. Thanks for sharing. Had a very busy and overwhelming day at work this morning so this made my day complete!

  5. Some expressions looked as if the child was in total fear, like in horror. Like with drier machine etc. Reading body language better be accurate, or it will become a life long etching in memory.