You thought washing your dog was tough?

You thought washing your dog was tough?


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  1. I used to have a 14ft albino Burmese python
    Very placid and had her for many years until she passed away
    And where I do agree that they can be dangerous if not looked after and treated right and respected for what they are
    But that applies to a lot of animals
    And each to their own
    If you don’t like snakes don’t watch the video and feel free not to comment
    This is a beautiful snake and is well looked after and looks healthy and they love water

  2. I’m laughing at all the people talking about how it’s gunna kill her one day. Dogs kill more people, cats could kill you if they really wanted, hell so could a determined duck! The bigger pythons get, the more placid, trusting, and friendly they get. Sure they are still an animal and are capable of taking you down but they really don’t have any need to if you care for them properly. This person knows their snake and knows how to treat them. Like any animal the relationship is built on trust and understanding. Mutual knowledge of what hurts or scares the other and avoidance of those things is often enough to maintain a good bond with a pet.

  3. A bath is for shedding(just wondering why use some sort of soap)
    And snakes just ❤️ being in water. Tub is big enough,snake seems placid and not defensiv.
    Very good condition,just a ❤️❤️❤️ snake.
    And just because they are not fluffy and cuddely it doest meane that the arent good pets.
    Remember,there are more Horse accident with sevare injurys then that there a pet snake related accidents. And we let our children ride horses, then let our kids near these big snakes…
    just food for thoughd..

  4. Actually my phone can’t view the video but i think the girl has no right to beat up her boyfriend in public. Maybe they should report the matter to their village elders. But if the neighbour refused to pay the rent, they should just kill the landlord and forget about the missing car.

  5. Sometimes it is scared to keep a snake because you never now what could it do to a family or friend or people when it walk in you door or inside you door house or outside so yes always be careful it better to have cats dogs or birds

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