11 Sexy Lizzy Caplan GIFs for You to Master

Lizzy Caplan has been heating up your TV screen for quite a while now, from True Blood to Party Down to her current role on Showtime’s Masters of Sex. The green-eyed brunette stunner, now 33 and hotter than ever, first charmed us in her tiny but hilarious role in Mean Girls, which now makes us wonder which incredibly hot girl from that movie would be our No. 1 draft pick: Lizzy, Lindsay Lohan, Amanda Seyfried, Rachel McAdams or Lacey Chabert?

Actually, we don’t wonder at all. We’d go with Lizzy Caplan.

Lizzy Caplan low cut black dress

Lizzy Caplan black lingerie

Lizzy Caplan sexy photo shoot

Lizzy Caplan black dress cleavage

Lizzy Caplan candy bra

Lizzy Caplan orgasm face

Lizzy Caplan tight shirt cleavage

Lizzy Caplan white bra

Lizzy Caplan dancing

Lizzy Caplan GIFs

Lizzy Caplan GIFs

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Pretty good parody tbh

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